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A snapshot of Inside Track guests


Inside Track is a political talk show now in its 16th year. It originates from Tucson, AZ and is broadcast on AM 1030 KVOI, The Voice, every Saturday from 1pm to 4pm MST. The show also “streams live” here. Click the “Listen Live” button to tune in. Host Emil Franzi is well versed in politics–he ran a number of campaigns in California before moving to Arizona where he also ran numerous campaigns for candidates.

Emil’s politics are conservative in nature and he makes no bones about his positions and takes no crap from those who try to find holes in his arguments. He can be abrasive at times, but you will always know where he stands on an issue.

The program features guests from all political stripes on all topics. Conservatives love him and Liberals are always challenged in arguing their points with him. Among the national guests we’ve had on the air are columnist Ilan Berman, former Ambassador Francis Rooney, AMAC President Dan Weber, Mises President Jeff Diest, Mises economist Dr. Mark Thorton, author Andy McCarthy, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, columnist Michael Barone, Manhattan Senior Fellow Avik Roy, columnist Kurt Schlichter, columnist Ben Crystal, author David Horowitz, columnist Marita Noon, automotive writer and Southern Arizona News-Examiner columnist Eric Peters and numerous other big-hitters on the national scene. Emil and co-hosts also talk with the major players in the state of Arizona like Arizona House Speaker Dave Gowan, Gov. Doug Ducey, Attorney General Mark Brnovich, Compact for America President Nick Dranias, Arizona AFP Director Tom Jenney and many others.

Frequent co-hosts include Arizona’s Republican National Committeeman and Chairman of the RNC’s Rules Committee Bruce Ash and former local office seekers.

Inside Track airs live on AM 1030 KVOI on Saturday’s from 1pm to 4pm MST and “streams live” here. To participate in the show, call 520-790-2040. If you miss a program, catch up with the podcasts.