Bruce Ash

Ash: On Israel

June 2, 2011

Israel is not the problem in the middle east but breathtakingly President Barack Obama has come to the conclusion that the best path to peace in the region would be to do something that no US President has done since The Six Day War and that is force Israel to negotiate peace from weakened pre June 1967 borders. A…

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Ash: “Something to Consider”

February 22, 2011

Thank you Raul Grijalva and the members of the Progressive Caucus for showing solidarity with union thuggism and the un-civil mobs roaming the Wisconsin state capitol. Thank you for enabling educators to be turned into liars using faked doctor’s excuses to ditch school. Thank you for your support of cowardly Wisconsin democrat state legislators who…

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Bruce Ash’s Op Ed AD

January 25, 2011

News has been ripe with talk of political civility and unity . Republicans and Democrats sitting together at The State of The Union speech and all that…………..?? The past four years have seen many clashes between a few Republican elected elites and the GOP grass roots. Some times the rhetoric and actions of both sides…

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Ash: Energy Policy

December 24, 2010

One of the most pressing issues for the upcoming congress to figure out a way to work together is — energy policy. How House Republicans conduct the proper oversight with the EPA and the Department of Energy without appearing to be the party of “no” depends on the leadership & ideas Republican members have to…

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Ash: Return From Seoul

December 18, 2010

Coming on the heels of the ‘shellacking’ President Obama suffered at the polls on November 2nd he travelled to Seoul and was similarly humiliated by our economic allies. This is not a good thing. America’s economy and the U.S. dollar have been weakened by the President’s spend and borrow policies. The Germans, the Brazilians, and…

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