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Franzi: Book Review: ‘How Civilizations Die (And Why Islam Is Dying Too)’

September 2, 2012
Franzi: Book Review: ‘How Civilizations Die (And Why Islam Is Dying Too)’

By David P. Goldman  - on-line columnist “Spengler” Regnery Publishing, 2011 Reviewed by Emil Franzi For all of you, like my dear radio colleague, Tom Danehy, who studiously avoided taking those “liberal arts” classes back when college students had the opportunity to go to real ones, “Spengler” refers to Oswald Spengler (1880-1936), a German historian/philosopher known…

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Franzi: A Gerrymander by Any Other Name

November 4, 2011

Most reporting about the current redistricting plans for both the Arizona legislature and the nine seats in the U.S. House put forward by the Independent Redistricting Commission failed to cover the system’s obvious flaws. The Democrats gamed the system. To borrow a Chicago phrase, Republicans didn’t even bring a knife to a gunfight. They brought…

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Franzi: Why Tucson may be the Southwest’s new Detroit

September 10, 2011

I’m tired of those who claim the cronyism and corruption of Tucson’s city government are akin to Chicago’s. It insults Chicago. Detroit, in all its squalor and incompetence, may be a better example. Back in my traveling, political consulting days, I worked several cycles in Illinois for GOP types who actually won before they blew…

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Franzi: The Ebb and Flow of the GOP

August 12, 2011

R.I.N.O. – Republican In Name Only. Flaky on the issues. More relevant, flaky on the obligation to support other members of the coalition they have chosen, particularly when holding partisan or party office. There may be examples elsewhere called DINOS. The first RINOs I recall were the liberal GOP office-holders who put a shiv in…

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Franzi: Emil Comments on Tom’s Latest Column

August 9, 2011

DANEHY Republicans in Congress and President Obama are both betraying their country by Tom Danehy   TOM – this probably the lamest excuse for political discourse you have ever written. You wouldn’t even make a good Transylvanian peasant – you’d screw up, your torch would go out, and you’d end up burning some innocent farmer’s barn…

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The Wisdom of Heinlein

July 23, 2011

THE REFORM POLITICIAN By Lazarus Long, AKA Robert A.Heinlein   (As the President told us yesterday, one should not allow something like “signing a pledge just to get elected to interfere with doing the right thing”.  EF)     “Reform politicians tend to be not only dishonest but stupidly dishonest – whereas the business politician is…

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Franzi: Aztlan – Go to Oz, Turn Left Past Camelot and Head South

June 2, 2011

The recent outbursts – the proponents’ behavior was too thuggish to call it a legitimate debate – over Ethnic Studies at TUSD concerned making the program elective. The program as taught should be completely scrapped for the fraud it is. Society gets no benefit from teaching blatant falsehoods. Claims that lands ceded by Mexico to…

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Franzi: Politics is a Team Sport

May 7, 2011

Politics is a team sport. Democrats know that better than Republicans. Political parties are coalitions. Those who disparage partisan governments fail to note that there is no place where governments are freely chosen that does not utilize them. The fundamental difference between the American two-party system and the European multi-party system is they form their…

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Franzi: Asa Bushnell Obituary

April 2, 2011

Southern Arizona lost a lot more than a great, retired journalist with the passage of Ace Bushnell. We lost one of our truly great citizens when he died March 14 at the age of 85. Born Asa Smith Bushnell III in Springfield, Ohio, in 1925, he was the great-grandson of Asa S. Bushnell who served…

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Franzi: Western Author Meet and Greet Event at Delectables!

March 14, 2011
Franzi: Western Author Meet and Greet Event at Delectables!

Emil hosted a “meet and greet” event for some of his favorite western authors at Delectables on Fourth Avenue last Saturday. Authors included Edwin Sweeney, Johnny Boggs, and Melody Groves. The food and live music (Stefan George!) was great, as was the company!  

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