Inside Track

Inside Track, 06-27-15, HR1

Franzi is away at a writers convention. Subbing for him is Mike Foudy who used to host his own national talk show. In the first half hour, Jim Hanley of Arizonans for a New Economy joins Mike. In the second…

Inside Track, 06-27-15, HR3

First up in this half hour, Art Flagg, a member of the Board of Directors for the Tucson Boys Chorus joins Mike to talk about a Tucson institution. In the second half hour, Wes Waddle, author of “Over-Qualified/Under-Qualified; What Will…

Inside Track, 06-27-15, HR3

Joining Mike for this hour: First up is David Harsanyi, the Senior Editor at The Federalist. Topic is the GOP group seeking the presidential nomination. In the second half hour, Christine Harbin Hanson, National Issues Campaign Manager at Americans…

Inside Track, 06-20-15, HR1

Arizona Republican National Committeeman and Chairman of the RNC Rules Committee Bruce Ash joins Franzi for the show. It’s Open Lines for the first hour along with our intern Nate Kezer.

Inside Track, 06-20-15, HR2

In the first half hour, a discussion about the JTED educational program in Arizona. It’s a program where students can train for a career in various trades and technology. Joining Franzi and Ash is Alex Jacome and Dr. Allen…

Inside Track, 06-20-15, HR3

Joining Franzi and Ash for the first half hour is Dr. Tom Stossel. He’s a medical researcher and has a new book out about Big Pharma. In the second half hour, Southern Arizona News-Examiner movie critic Bob Garver joins…

Inside Track, 06-13-15, HR2

Phil Kerpen, the president of American Committment joins Franzi. The organization is a free-market think tank. The discussion centers around Congress and the Obamacare fraud, where Congress voted to NOT participate in Obamacare.

Inside Track, 06-13-15, HR3

Canadian health refugee Shona Holmes is back with us for the entire hour to talk further about the perils of the Canadian health care system and comparing it to Obamacare.

Inside Track, 06-06-15, HR1

Celebrating the 71st anniversary of the D-Day Invasion, former Arizona State Senator Frank Antenori co-hosts with Franzi for the show. It’s Open Lines in the first hour.