Inside Track Hosts

Emil Franzi is a long-time Tucsonan. He also has worked for a number of political campaigns–some successful, some not successful. His campaign work has been in California, Illinois, and Arizona. His knowledge of local, state and national politics is unparalleled. Emil’s politics is somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan about which he is not ashamed. Emil keeps his favorite “lefty” Tom in check. Emil is also the publisher of the Southern Arizona–a full-service news website that includes stories from both right and left as well as history of the Old West.




Bruce Ash is Arizona’s Republican National Committeeman. Bruce also was recently re-elected as Chairman of the Republican National Committee Rules Committee. He is a very influential voice in GOP politics on the  national, state, and local level.





frank antenoriFrank Antenori is a former Arizona State Senator, conservative, and, a retired Special Forces soldier. He now works in the defense industry. Frank speaks his mind without worrying about being “politically correct.”






shaun mcclusky Shaun McClusky is a Tucson business owner, a former candidate for mayor of Tucson and a conservative pundit.







Jonathan Hoffman keeps Emil in check from a Libertarian perspective. Hoffman is a former Tucson city council candidate and pursues a number of interests. His favorite past time is bicycling and he frequently comes to the station on two-wheels.